Special Offer Hearths

A hearth can be supplied as a simple 20mm thick slab with a profile on the seen edges, or boxed up on upstands (lipped or mitred/flush)
Please see individual listings for details.

Black Granite Hearth

1720 x 500mm - price £250 (originally £615.84)

Black Satino Granite Hearth

880 x 430mm - price £150 (originally £359.32)

Black Slate Hearth

1520 x 470mm - price £200 (originally £502)

Galaxy Black Granite Hearths

1540 x 580mm - price £250 (originally £706.22) 1390 x 460mm - price £200 (originally £532.48)

Indian Green Marble Hearth

1460 x 455mm - price £200 (originally £564.69)

Tuscany Travertine Hearth

1040 x 300mm - price £150 (originally £287.89)



I can only praise you all for your brilliant customer service and recommend anyone looking for a quality fire and fireplace to look no further than Ivett & Reed.

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