Built-In Stoves

These larger and more complex built-in wood burning stoves are aimed at those undertaking a new build or major renovation project. Normally, a chimney breast and flue system will need to be designed and constructed especially to suit one of these appliances.

We offer a comprehensive HETAS installation service within our local region, including chimney relining and building twin wall flue systems. Please contact us if you would like an installation estimate.

We also supply and install inset stoves and cassette stoves which are more suitable for existing fireplaces.

Barbas Cuatro-3

Cuatro-3 is a range of magnificent fires that combine advantages of a built-in fireplace with an easy installation of an insert stove. Five sizes are available, ranging from 11kW to 16kW (nominal).

Stûv microMega

Unique built-in stove with a retractable door, curved combustion chamber and a heat output which is adjustable from 5kW to 12kW, whilst maintaining an efficiency of over 80%.

Stûv 16-in

A range of three insert stoves with clean lines to magnify the beauty of the flames, impressive combustion and a very high efficiency rating. Heat output: 8kW / 9kW / 10kW (nominal).

Stûv 16-fireplace

The Stûv 16-fireplace suite provides extra installation depth, to allow the Stûv 16 to be fitted into a 370mm deep chimney breast. Heat output: 8kW / 9kW / 10kW (nominal).

Stûv 21 single-face

A premium range of built-in wood burning fires, featuring retractable glass, warm air ducting and a choice of finishing options. Eight sizes available, ranging from 7kW to 21kW (nominal).

Stûv 21 double-face

Double-sided version of the premium wood burning fires with retractable doors, featuring four models with heat outputs ranging from 19kW to 27kW (nominal).

Stûv 22

The Stûv 22 naturally takes its place in your interior architecture, thanks to a patented technique which means the finish material can be applied as close as possible to the fire.

Stûv 30-in

Built-in version of the original 3-in-1 wood burning stove. Heat output: 10kW nominal.

Stûv 30-compact in

The Stûv 30-compact in is specially designed for low-energy or compact houses. Heat output: 6kW nominal.



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