Freestanding Stoves

Our collection of freestanding stoves includes the latest cutting edge contemporary designs, along with dozens of classically styled models.

These stoves can be set back into a fireplace recess, or installed freestanding in the room.

Traditional Stoves

Our collection of traditional stoves includes dozens of timeless designs, guaranteed to complement older properties or classically styled interiors. You can choose from wood burning or multi-fuel models, made from cast iron or heavy duty steel.

Modern Classic Stoves

A number of wood burners take the form of a traditional stove, but with clean design lines or a retro style. We have decided to call these our modern classic stoves, as they are ideally suited to today's 'modern traditional' interior settings.

Contemporary Stoves

We also offer exciting new stove designs to suit the latest cutting edge interior styles. They include contemporary stoves from leading European brands, combining glass with cast iron or steel to stunning effect.

Inglenook Stoves

For those with a larger inglenook-style fireplace, we have efficient stove solutions. A number of inglenook stoves are available with specially designed canopies and decorative plinths. Some can be run with the doors open, for added ambience.

Double-Sided Stoves

Where a central fireplace is able to heat two rooms, the solution is a double-sided stove. We offer a number of double-sided freestanding stoves, single or double depth, with flat top and canopy options.



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