Eclipsia Bianca

30mm cut-to-size price: £496 (inc VAT) per m²

This price is for the material cut to size only. All additional edging and fabrications will be charged at our standard rates. Strictly subject to availability.

This price only applies to the end of the current stock run of this material. Any remaining slabs and offcuts may be be limited in size and quantity - please ask for full details.

The white to light grey background, interspersed by spectacular and sometimes intense dark grey veins, gives Eclipsia Bianca an appearance similar to some decorative white marbles.

However as Eclipsia Bianca is a quartzite, this makes it much harder and much less porous than marble, making it more suitable for use as kitchen worktops.

IMPORTANT: Images are only a guide to the characteristics of the material, and may not be fully representative of the current batch of stone held in stock. Natural stones are subject to variations in veining, pattern and colour, sometimes even within the same batch.

  • Type: Natural Quartzite
  • Colour Guide: White/grey background with darker grey veining
  • Pseudonyms: Super White, Supreme White, White Fantasy
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Finish: Polished​
  • Format: Cut to size from 30mm slab.


Fabulous fireplace installed in time for Christmas! (Facebook 5 star review)

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