Cast Iron Fireplaces

Classic cast iron fireplaces can help restore a period house to its former glory, or create an authentic look for a more modern home. These quality reproductions take their inspiration from genuine 19th Century designs.

Adelaide Insert

Named after the queen consort to William IV, the Adelaide is based on a model that originated in 1837.

Alexandra Inserts

With its restrained elegance reminiscent of the late Edwardian era, the Alexandra Insert is a beautiful cast iron fireplace.

Arched Insert

Originally created around 1880, the Arched insert has become an icon of timeless fireplace design.

Art Nouveau Fireplaces

This fireplace is a splendid reflection of the Belle Époque and the creative influence of artisans such as Galle, Tiffany and Lalique.

Combination Fireplaces

The combination fireplace was highly popular more than 100 years ago due to its compact size and amalgamation of fireplace and mantel into a single, complete design.

Kensington & Knightsbridge Inserts

As a reaction to the ornate style of the Baroque period, the Georgians developed a taste for what became known as Neo-Classical design.

London Cast Fronts

As the Georgian era developed, landowners started to build town houses in London, which featured smaller fireplaces, initially with a fire basket in a brick opening.

Victorian Tiled Fireplaces

Tiled and cast fronts became fashionable during the Hanoverian era and were made to either obscure or embellish a larger chimney opening.



Everyone whom I dealt with at Ivett & Reed have been very professional. The finished fireplace looks amazing - if only all home improvements could be this trouble free.

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