Chesneys Fireplaces

Chesneys is the UK’s leading supplier of luxury fireplaces and stoves. They have a passionate commitment to good design, intelligent engineering, craftsmanship, innovation and outstanding service.

Their period fireplaces are exact copies of antique originals whilst their contemporary fireplaces include the work of leading designers to reflect current trends in interior design.

Contemporary Fireplaces

Combining clean lines with architectural finesse, the Chesneys collection of contemporary mantels offers an innovative alternative to traditional mantel design.

Designer Fireplaces

Chesneys have a long history of collaborating of collaboration with leading designers from the fields of fashion, furniture and interior design. These collections have formed an important addition to the rich tradition of domestic fireplace design.

Victorian Fireplaces

Following the relative simplicity of the Regency period, Victorian fireplace design was characterised by an eclectic and unrestrained approach, incorporating elements of both classicism and naturalistic detail.

Regency Fireplaces

The Regency period saw a more austere approach to the use of classical ornament that had previously received such widespread and unfettered interpretation by Robert Adam and his followers during the 18th century.

Georgian Fireplaces

Georgian fireplace design was based on the classical orders and followed strict rules of proportion whilst employing a rich and varied range of decorative devices.

French & En Trumeau Fireplaces

The Chesney's French collection contains fine examples of both these styles, which remained popular throughout the 19th century and became trade items imported into England on a significant scale during the Victoria era.

Stone Fireplaces

Stone has been the most favoured materials for architecture from the earliest times. Its warm colour and rugged texture make it ideal for fireplaces of every period.

Architectural Fireplaces

The term "architectural" is used to describe a fireplace that is finely proportioned and that has clearly defined, strong lines.



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