Do you make your own stone fireplaces?

Yes. Ivett & Reed’s fireplace designs are made by our stonemasons in our own workshops in Cambridge. Our stone fireplaces are hand carved from solid pieces of stone. This is unlike most stone fireplaces on the market, which tend to be made from thin pieces of stone, which are cut and glued together. Please bear this in mind when comparing our prices to those of our competitors.

We also offer a selection of fireplaces crafted from the finest marble and granite, along with a number of limestone designs from other manufacturers such as Chesneys and Stovax.

Where do your materials come from?

The stones used for our own fireplace designs are English limestones, such as Portland & Bath, plus the Ancaster stones which are local to us (from Lincolnshire). The marbles & granites used for our fireplace infills & hearths are sourced from renowned locations around the world.

Do you sell any other makes of stone fireplace?

Yes, we also sell a further range of classic and contemporary designs made by Chesneys and Stovax. These are available in limestone or marble.

Can any of the dimensions of the fireplaces be changed?

Yes. We make our own fireplace designs to order, so any dimensions can be altered to your exact requirements. Chesneys’ designs can also be made to special sizes, although the lead time can be quite lengthy for this service. Stovax designs cannot be made-to-measure.

Can the design of your fireplaces be altered?

Yes. Because we make our fireplaces to order, we can offer a truly bespoke service. You can specify changes to the design, or even combine elements from different fireplaces to create your own unique style.

Do you only sell stone fireplace surrounds?

We also offer a comprehensive range of timber fireplace surrounds, in both traditional and contemporary styles. They are made in England by Classic Mantels from natural timbers (not MDF or laminate). Attractive painted finishes are also available. Each surround is made to order, and as such can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Do you sell cast iron fireplaces?

Yes, we sell cast iron and steel inserts and register grates. These can be combined with stone or timber surrounds to create a classic fireplace. Styles available include classic arched inserts, Victorian tiled fireplaces and hob grates. More contemporary steel slips and register grates are also now available, allowing you to create a ‘modern classic’ style of fireplace. Versions are available for solid fuel, gas and electric.

Do you install fireplaces?

Yes. We have experienced teams of fireplace fitters who can carry out any kind of fireplace installation, including removing old fireplaces, altering fireplace openings and constructing new chimney breasts, where necessary. All of our fitters are trained and skilled in handling and installing our stone, ensuring a quality finish to your fireplace.

Can I combine elements from different fireplace displays I have seen on your website or in your showroom?

Yes. The bespoke nature of the way we work allows you to mix and match elements from different fireplaces to create the exact look you wish to achieve. So, if you see a surround design you like, but wish to have an insert, fire or stove from a different fireplace, this is not a problem! You can also choose any material from our vast selection of marbles, granites, slates and limestones for your hearth and infill.

Can I keep my existing fireplace, but have a new fire installed in it?

Yes. We are happy to quote to carry out any aspect of fireplace work, from just installing a simple hearth or replacing an old fire, to a complete fireplace suite with new appliance and flue system.

Do you have a fireplace showroom?

Yes, our showroom at 615 Newmarket Road has over 60 fireplace displays. Our own comprehensive range of fireplace designs are on display, along with a selection of fireplaces by Chesneys, Stovax and Classic Mantels. You can view examples of hearths and infills, along with samples of all of our natural stones. Parking is free, and we are open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (closed Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays).

Do you keep fireplaces in stock?

Generally all our own fireplaces are made to order to offer a truly bespoke service, although we do occasionally keep some stock stone fireplaces, so please check. Stovax, Chesneys and Classic Mantels fireplace surrounds are also ordered in as required. It is also worth checking our special offers section, to see if we have any ex-display or other fireplace surrounds at reduced prices.

Will you ‘supply only’ for me to install the fireplace myself?

Yes, we are happy to supply only, although installing a stone fireplace is really a job which should only be undertaken by a person with experience of handling and fixing natural stone. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the stone caused by an installer using incorrect fixing techniques or materials.



I can only praise you all for your brilliant customer service and recommend anyone looking for a quality fire and fireplace to look no further than Ivett & Reed.

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