Frequently Asked Questions - Electric Fires

Which brands of electric fire do you sell?

We are the area’s main dealer for Flamerite, Gazco and Paragon electric fires. We also sell Dovre, Gazco and Yeoman electric stoves.

We have carefully selected our portfolio, from top of the range brands, to ensure that we have options to suit every taste, budget and property.

If you have seen a different make of electric fire elsewhere, which is not in our range, it is highly likely that we have an equivalent or a close alternative product – please ask!

How hot and how efficient are the electric fires?

Electric fires have a heat output no greater than 2kW. They are generally just under 100% efficient – in other words, almost all of the power supplied to the appliance is turned into heat.

Is it possible to run the fire without the heat?

Yes, virtually all electric models have the option to run the appliance in ‘flame effect only’ mode. This enables you to have the ambience of a fire in your room even where the heat is not required, for example in the summer, or in a home with very good central heating.

What size are the fires?

We offer a huge range of electric fires, starting with models suitable for a standard British 16” x 22” fireplace opening, right up to spectacular 2 metre wide models, for a stunning landscape hole-in-the-wall look.

Do you sell electric cast iron stoves?

Yes, Gazco have cleverly created electric versions of most of the popular Stovax cast iron and steel stoves. The electric flame effect uses LED technology, and is one of the most advanced on the market. The products are ideal for someone wanting the look of a wood burning stove, but with the convenience of electricity.

Do you install electric fires?

Yes, we regularly install electric fires as part of a complete fireplace package. We can arrange any necessary electrical work to be carried out by a reputable local electrician, with whom we have worked for many years.

Can I just buy an electric fire from you and have it fitted by someone else?

Yes. We are more than happy to ‘supply only’. Our electric fires all come with a standard UK 3-pin plug, so for example for a freestanding fire or stove, you can simply position the appliance, plug it in and it is up and running. However, if the installation is more involved (e.g. cables need to be chased through the wall), you should ask an electrician to carry out this work for you.



Everyone whom I dealt with at Ivett & Reed have been very professional. The finished fireplace looks amazing - if only all home improvements could be this trouble free.

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