Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Our range of premium balanced flue gas fires are larger appliances for those looking to make a real statement in their living space and are suitable for new build or major renovation projects.

These appliances are normally built-in to a false chimney breast, with a concentric flue system connecting the fire to either a roof or wall terminal.

Some of the models here can also be installed into an existing conventional chimney, although this can involve quite significant and costly alteration work. We also sell a range of premium conventional flue gas fires, specifically designed for installation into existing chimneys.

Bellfires Classic Bell

The Classic Bell is a magnificent traditional 'open' gas fire, invisibly closed off by a front made of ceramic glass. Available in two sizes with dimensions that perfectly fit into a mantelpiece.

Bellfires Corner Bell

The Bellfires Corner Bell gas fires double your enjoyment of the flames. This is because you can see them from two sides, left or right, making this fire more than worth the investment.

Bellfires Horizon Bell

Horizon Bell is a range of stylish, horizontal gas fires with mutually enhancing high quality design and high quality technology, with sizes from XS to XXL.

Bellfires Original Bell

Original Bell is a built-in balanced flue gas fire which is available in no less than 7 different models: Derby (Large, Small & Tunnel), Topsham (Large & Small) and York (Large & Small).

Bellfires Room Divider

The Room Divider is a striking, eye-catching balanced flue gas fire which divides your room and allows enjoyment of the fire from various angles.

Bellfires Smart Bell

A range of premium gas fires which can be installed into both new and existing fireplace situations.

Bellfires Vertical Bell

Vertical Bell consists of two sizes of portrait style gas fire, with each available in either a single sided or see-through version.

Bellfires View Bell

View Bell is an eye-catching balanced flue gas fire which offers a captivating view of the flames from three sides.

Gazco Reflex 75T BF

The Reflex fire range couples advanced technology with ultra-lifelike logs to create a truly stunning gas flame effect almost indistinguishable from a real woodburning fire.

Gazco Riva2 500 BF

The Riva2 500 is a stunningly realistic log effect gas fire with a selection of stunning frames and lining options.

Gazco Riva2 500HL Slimline

The Riva2 500HL Slimline offers you the superb flames of the Riva2 range with a versatile slim profile which allows it to be installed into a cavity wall.

Gazco Riva2 750HL BF

This versatile gas fire can be fitted into a traditional fireplace mantel, or combined with one of Gazco's stunning contemporary frames for a hole-in-the-wall installation.

Gazco Studio BF

An outstanding range of glass fronted gas fires with a wealth of design options, complemented by a choice of sizes, linings and fuel bed effects.



Everyone whom I dealt with at Ivett & Reed have been very professional. The finished fireplace looks amazing - if only all home improvements could be this trouble free.

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