Stûv microMega

Today's new buildings, which have increasingly advanced thermal insulation, do not require as much heat.

Therefore, even the most prestigious new build projects require less powerful and smaller stoves.

However, the more discerning clients and developers do not wish to compromise on the size or specification of their wood fire. They wish to have features such as a retractable glass door, a large view of the flames, and the ability to run the appliance as an open fire or an efficient glass fronted stove.

The Stûv microMega built-in wood fire has been specifically designed to suit the needs of the modern prestige new build market.

The micro combustion chamber has been cleverly designed to deliver a lower heat output. The chamber wraps around the logs arranged as in a camp fire, while air is distributed to different points in the chamber according to the operating rate desired.

But the view of the fire is still mega, offering an ample view of flames despite the reduced combustion chamber.

The microMega can be set to run at any output from 5kW to 12kW, always maintaining an efficiency greater than 80%. This means that it easily complies with the strictest European standards and quality labels for efficiency, CO emissions and particle emissions.

This appliance can be built into a masonry wall as a trendy 'hole-in-the-wall' fire; it can be set in a bespoke stone fireplace; or you can order one of the ready-to-fit Stûv ​fireplaces. The Narrow White Facade allows an installation semi-recessed into a wall, while the Wide Cladding effectively converts the microMega into a freestanding appliance for connection to a twin wall flue.

In common with the Stûv 21, you can tilt the door forward for easy cleaning of the inside of the glass, while there is also an optional barbecue kit!

  • Stove Body: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Heat output (rated): 10kW
  • Operating range: 5kW - 12kW
  • Efficiency (net): >80%
  • Flue outlet diameter: 7" (180mm)
  • Warranty: 5 years

Stûv products cannot be purchased online. To request a price, call us on 01223 213500, fill in the contact form below, or call into our Cambridge showroom, where we have the Stûv 22/70 and Stûv 30-compact on display.



We have worked closely with Ivett & Reed for some years now and can not fault their quality and workmanship, which is of the highest standard.

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