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There is a growing need to reconsider the relationship between natural and artificial to create spaces where materials of different natures coexist and enhance each other. Quartzforms® took this concept further through research and experimentation, making the first Ecotone™ slabs with a more sustainable formula to reduce their environmental impact.

This has led to Ecotone™, the new generation of slabs containing recycled glass, bio-based resin and less than 5% silica. In nature, an ecotone is a transition area between two ecosystems or distinct entities; similarly, this collection aims to represent a transition from a traditional manufacturing process to one that is more respectful
of our planet.

The New Era collection interprets various styles with 8 different Ecotone™ slabs, fully expressing the know-how and unparalleled aesthetic value that have always been the hallmarks of Quartzforms®. The fusion of various elements results in their revival in renewed forms: this is the timeless fascination of transformation.

We have the full range of Ecotone™ samples on display in our Cambridge showroom.

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