Kerb Set Memorials

As an alternative to the classic lawn memorial, a kerb set offers a stone border around the burial plot. The centre area can be filled either with earth or with stone chippings, which are available in a number of colours.

EC100 Kerb Set

The classic headstone and kerb memorial in Dense Black Granite. The corner posts are often bored for a flower container.

EC103 Kerb Set

A magnificent Balmoral Red Granite kerb set with a double vase in the centre.

EC105 Kerb Set

The gilded ivy above the fully worked book on this classic green Emerald Pearl granite signifies fidelity

EC111 Kerb Set

Dense Black Granite kerb set with a heart cut out in the top centre to allow placing of a marble dove.

EC115 Kerb Set

A book memorial on top of full length kerbs. Any kerb memorial can be personalised to incorporate slabs or vases.


We have worked closely with Ivett & Reed for some years now and can not fault their quality and workmanship, which is of the highest standard.

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