Children's Memorials

A collection of memorials specially designed as a long-lasting tribute to children.

Please click here to download our memorial brochure.

Memorials shown on our website and in our brochure represent just a small selection of the available designs. As stonemasons, we are also able to create bespoke memorials for a unique and timeless tribute to your loved one.

16153 Child's Memorial

The addition of painted sandblast images to this book and vase create an ever popular children's memorial. A full range of images are available.

16158 Child's Memorial

A half round top headstone with shadow punched cherub design.

16162 Child's Memorial

From beautifully simple designs to full-face sandblast and painted scenes, this organically shaped headstone provides the perfect canvas.

16167 Child's Memorial

An example of masonry art which brings together innovative design, carving and artistic excellence to create a fitting children's memorial.

16169 Child's Memorial

Teddy bears have always been a comfort for children. This heart and vase rest incorporates the teddy as its central feature.

16171 Child's Memorial

This teddy and blanket can be painted in any colour.

16176 Child's Memorial

This circular headstone is further shaped around the sandblasted and painted bunny.

16178 Child's Memorial

The fully carved Teddy holding this headstone can be replaced with other characters as shown in the inset.


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