Exciting new products redefine the electric fire!

The popularity of electric fires continues to grow, as homeowners both with and without an existing chimney look to take advantage of this efficient and cost effective way to provide a focal point in their living space.

We have recently installed three of the latest exciting new products from the higher end of the electric fire market in our Cambridge showroom.

Gazco Skope

Undulating flame visuals, dancing seemingly impossibly amongst a deep bed of realistic logs or shining crystals, make the Gazco Skope one of the most captivating electric fires ever created.

But the Skope doesn’t just deliver mesmerising effects and a fireside glow. Designed with the very latest LED technologies and offering a choice of stunning fuel beds, this innovative electric fire range lets you decide on the perfect ambience to suit your mood - with only your imagination to hold you back.

Skope Electric Inset fires create minimalist, hole-in-the-wall installations for a clean and contemporary, built-in aesthetic.

Meanwhile, Skope Electric Outset models can be installed as three-sided or two-sided fires, designed to offer a multi-sided view of the mesmerising flames and lighting effects.

We have the Skope 110W Outset on live display now in our Cambridge showroom.

Charlton & Jenrick 4D Ecoflame

Catering for the vast number of standard 16" x 22" fireplace openings in British homes, Charlton & Jenrick are pleased to offer the next generation in electric fires.

The exciting ultra-realistic flame effect of the 4D Ecoflame has 3 colour options each available in 4 mood settings. The mood setting offers 4 differing levels of brightness and size of flames. There is also a realistic flickering fuel bed with 13 colour options and a colour morphing setting, each available in 4 mood settings.

Multiple fuel bed options include realistic log, coal, small and large ice crystals, and large and glowing embers. All are included with the fire for you to decide on your favourite combination.

We have the 4D Ecoflame with Elite Fascia & LED Lights on live display now in our Cambridge showroom.

Infinity Electric Fires

The two Infinity Electric Fires are based on their best selling gas fires and are available to fit frameless in the wall or into a fireplace suite.

Offering a log fuelbed with the ultra-realistic 3D Ecoflame effect, these fires come complete with thermostatic remote control and offer up to 2kW of heat, or can be operated with the flame effect only.

We have both the Infinity 480 Electric and Infinity 780 Electric in Edgemond Suite on live display now in our Cambridge showroom.

Visit our Electric Fires & Stoves page to view all currently available models, many of which you can find on display in our showroom!

Fabulous fireplace installed in time for Christmas! (Facebook 5 star review)

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