Ivett & Reed memorial at Tempsford unveiled by Prince Charles

In early 2013, we were honoured to be asked to create a memorial to commemorate the female secret agents who flew from RAF Tempsford during the Second World War.

The finished monument was unveiled by the Prince of Wales in December during a ceremony in Tempsford, Bedfordshire.

Commisioned by the Tempsford Memorial Trust, the memorial is an acknowledgement of the tremendous debt that the country owes these remarkable women, who were parachuted into Europe, often behind enemy lines, to carry out secret and dangerous missions.

The monument comprises a White Carrara marble column, the face of which features a blue glass mosaic disc depicting a white dove flying beneath a full moon, along with an inscription. The sides of the marble column also features inscriptions of 75 names of known women agents.

The column is set on a honed black granite plinth, with further inscriptions to honour the men and women of the two special duties squadrons stationed at RAF Tempsford and those of the secret services of the allied nations who gave up their lives in the clandestine struggle for freedom and liberty.

Above: The RAF Tempsford memorial with (L-R) Andrew Reed, Shaun Levitt, Sharon Hobbs and Michael Hawes.

Below: Prince Charles at the unveiling of the RAF Tempsford memorial.

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