The new Scan 66 stove: flames are not square!

The new Scan 66 stove has a innovative shaped design which reflects the fact that flames are not square.

Celebrated Danish designers Harrit and Sorensen have again delivered a playful design with innovative features.

The organic shape creates a beautiful frame around the fire and the view to the flames is maximised through the use of a glass log retainer.

The stove can be wall-mounted (Scan 66-1), or mounted on a Pedestal (Scan 66-2), Prism (Scan 66-3) or Plinth (Scan 66-4).

Available from September 2014, all four versions of the Scan 66 are priced at £1,900 inc VAT.

We are very pleased with our choice and with the quality of the workmanship. We were also impressed with the service provided by all the staff we have had contact with at Ivett & Reed.

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