Ancaster Weatherbed

Quarried near Grantham in Lincolnshire, Ancaster Limestone has contributed to the heritage of many English cities including Cambridge and Lincoln.

Ancaster Weatherbed is an ideal flooring material, which takes a good polish. This comes as a blue and beige mix and contains many shell fossils.

Reference projects: Kings College, Cambridge; British Museum, London; Windsor Castle; Britannic Assurance, Birmingham.

Ancaster Weatherbed is ideally suited to internal decorative use. It is perfect for solid stone fireplaces and hearths, and is a durable flooring surface.

IMPORTANT: Images are only a guide to the characteristics of the material, and may not be fully representative of the current batch of stone held in stock. Natural stones are subject to variations in veining, pattern and colour, sometimes even within the same batch.

  • Type: Fine-grained Jurassic limestone
  • Colour guide: Beige / blue & beige with occasional pink variations
  • Origin: Lincolnshire, England
  • Finish: Sawn, Fine Rubbed, Polished
  • Format: Dimension stone - cut to size from blocks


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