Creme do Mos

Creme do Mos is a sedimentary limestone from Portugal.

With its warm tones and evenly scattered dark flecks, Creme do Mos limestone is ideal for internal floor and wall tiles, fireplace hearths and contemporary bathroom surfaces.

IMPORTANT: Images are only a guide to the characteristics of the material, and may not be fully representative of the current batch of stone held in stock. Natural stones are subject to variations in veining, pattern and colour, sometimes even within the same batch.

  • Type: Limestone
  • Colour Guide: Medium to dark beige background with scattered dark flecks
  • Origin: Portugal
  • Finish: Honed
  • Format: Cut to size from 20mm slab


We are very pleased with our choice and with the quality of the workmanship. We were also impressed with the service provided by all the staff we have had contact with at Ivett & Reed.

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