Basalt Tiles

Basalt Floor Tiles

Basalt is a very hard volcanic rock, with properties comparable to granite. It mostly comes in a uniform grey shade, so fits perfectly into minimalistic contemporary interiors.

Basalt Wall Strips

For a contemporary tile installation, take a look at our range of Beltralinea strips. These calibrated natural stone strips can be used on walls to contribute hugely to the value of kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

Basalt Paving

A special range of tile finishes have been tested as suitable for outside use, including both square cut tiles and more rustic old paving stones. From sunny terraces to garden paths and even driveways, natural stone can be used as a beautiful and practical surface.


We are very pleased with our choice and with the quality of the workmanship. We were also impressed with the service provided by all the staff we have had contact with at Ivett & Reed.

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