Granite Tiles

Granite Floor Tiles

Granite is created under high pressure deep in the earth, which makes it one of the hardest types of natural stone. Its wear resistance makes it the perfect material for high traffic areas.

Granite Stoneskin

StoneskinĀ is a stunning natural stone product which allows you to create a unique feature wall in any residential or commercial location. Rough pieces of natural stone are bonded into sections measuring 60 x 15cm for ease of installation.

Granite Paving

A special range of tile formats and finishes have been tested as suitable for outside use. From sunny terraces to garden paths and even driveways, natural stone can be used as a beautiful and practical external surface.

Granite Pool Surround

Special sections of natural stone are available with one long edge finished, for installation around a swimming pool. Corner sections are also available, allowing an even more professional finish to your project.


We are extremely happy with all aspects of the service that has been provided. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ivett & Reed.

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