Edge Profiles

We offer a wide choice of edge profiles for the perfect finish to granite and quartz surfaces.

These range from simple Double Bevel or Pencil Round edges to more premium profiles such as Bullnose and Mitred.

Double Bevel Edge

The simplest, least expensive and most popular edge profile.

Pencil Round Edge

A straight edge profile, with small radius finish at the top and bottom.

Bullnose Edge

A premium fully rounded edge profile.

Built-Up Mitred Edge

The illusion of an even thicker work surface can be achieved by using a Built-Up Mitred Edge.

Pitched Edge

Ivett & Reed are one of the few fabricators in the UK able to offer a pitched edge finish.

Bird's Beak Edge

Bird's Beak is one of our premium shaped edge profiles.

Ogee Edge

Ogee is one of our premium edge profiles.


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