Samsung Radianz Offcuts

A selection of Samsung Radianz quartz offcuts are available, which can offer significant discounts on the material cost for smaller projects.

Typical uses for quartz surfaces include kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops or table tops.

Samsung Aleutian White Offcut

Offcut 2100 x 850 x 30mm - price £291 (originally £557).

Samsung Appalachian Umber Offcut

Offcut 2450 x 1500 x 30mm - price £599 (originally £1,265).

Samsung Luna Verde Offcuts

Offcut 3100 x 850 x 30mm - price £465 (originally £817)

Samsung Mariposa Buff Offcut

Offcut 3100 x 1520 x 30mm - price £832 (originally £1,650).

Samsung Saltoro Cliff Offcut

Offcut 2130 x 1500 x 30mm - price £503.21 (originally £1114).


We are very pleased with our choice and with the quality of the workmanship. We were also impressed with the service provided by all the staff we have had contact with at Ivett & Reed.

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