Silestone Offcuts

This page features our current selection of Silestone offcuts, available at heavily discounted prices.

Although we update this page regularly, all materials featured here are strictly subject to limited availability. Please call us on 01223 213500 to discuss your requirements.

Click here to view basic fabrication costs for offcuts & clearance stock, along with information about collections, deliveries, templating & installation.

Silestone Blanco Maple Offcut

Current offcut available priced £261.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme Offcuts

Offcut available, price £630.

Silestone Calypso Offcut

Offcut 3000 x 700 x 20mm - price £315

Silestone Coral Clay Suede Offcuts

Various offcuts available, ranging in price from £226 to £574.

Silestone Crema Urban Offcut

Offcut 1780 x 630 x 30mm - price £195.

Silestone Daria Offcut

Offcut 1530 x 1230 x 20mm - price £282.

Silestone Gris Expo Offcuts

Current offcut available, price £307.

Silestone Negro Tebas Offcut

Offcut 3220 x 1040 x 20mm - price £502.

Silestone Niebla Offcuts

Cuurent offcuts available, £265.

Silestone Niebla Suede Offcuts

Offcut 3000 x 1150 x 20mm - price £518.

Silestone Stellar Grey Offcuts

Offcut 3250 x 1550 x 20mm - price £750..


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