Lapitec is not a natural stone, nor an engineered quartz, ceramic or porcelain, but a completely unique product now classified as a sintered stone. It is an “eternal” product which is hard wearing, impact resistant, non-flammable, thaw and frost resistant.

Ivett & Reed is a Lapitec®​ Approved Fabricator.

Our large Cambridge workshops combine traditional hand finishing techniques with state-of-the-art machinery, including waterjet cutting and CNC technology, to offer a quality of finish which is second to none in the Eastern region.

We offer a comprehensive templating and installation service covering the whole of East Anglia. Contact us to discuss your requirements for worktops or other bespoke stone surfaces, or visit our showroom to take a look at our workmanship for yourself.

Lapitec Samples

Lapitec is available in a range of 16 colours, from absolute black to absolute white, with contemporary shades of light and dark grey, cream, beige and brown in between.

Lapitec Finishes

Lapitec is available in a range of five smooth and textured finishes, allowing you to select not only the right colour but also the right finish for your project.

About Lapitec

Lapitec® is an innovative “full bodied” sintered stone slab. Available in large format slabs, it unites aesthetic design appeal and the superior mechanical and physical properties of porcelain with the elegance, workability, colours and typical finishes of natural stone.


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